Sidelinx UV-C Sanitizing Bag

Hey guys… a little more Tech Talk w/TK. ⁠

Are you guys looking for a way to get your devices and commonly handled stuff clean?  Better than just wiping them down individually?  Do you take your phone with you everywhere like me (you know where I mean)?  Do you believe that UV-C light sanitizing is a thing?  Well, with everything going on, I was looking for a way to keep my stuff a little more germ-free.  After checking with a couple of medical professionals, I have bought into the idea that UV-C light can be used to kill the little things that you can’t see.  So, I set out to find a solution that was big enough for my iPad and was affordable.

The device shown and listed here is what I went with.  Here are some quick notes on it.

The Good:

  • Easy to use- Just place your devices inside, zip it up and press the button.  Done!
  • Large enough to handle my iPad and other daily carry items (keys, wallet, sunglasses, MASKS, and more)
  • The device is portable if you’re looking for that.  Just fold it up and take it with you.
  • Full Coverage- Lights on top and bottom of the device, reflective interior, and raised tray for devices.  Gives you 360-degree coverage.
  • The UV-C light kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in 3 min!  At least in theory 🙂

The not so good:

  • Nothing really, but you have to buy into the whole UV-C Sanitizing thing 🙂

Included below is a link to where you can find it.⁠ I’m sorry the links aren’t clickable. For clickable links, check out my Linkin.Bio to get to the Tech Talk w/TK Facebook page.⁠




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