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Hey guys… a little more Tech Talk w/TK.  ⁠

Alright, so I have another obsession… wireless speakers.  I have owned all kinds of Bluetooth speakers over the years, from the tiny to the large.  Always looking for the next best thing, and driving my wife nuts (“another one?”).  What’s better than a Bluetooth speaker you can take with you on the go and connect to your phone?  One that will also connect to your whole home audio system, that’s what!

I love Sonos!  After trying them several years ago, I quickly fell in love with the sound quality and app interface.  You can literally sync all of your speakers together or set a different song on each, from whatever streaming service you choose, all from one interface.  With the Sonos Move, you get the sound quality and whole-home capability of a wired Sonos speaker, with the portability of a Bluetooth speaker.  Oh yeah, did I mention it runs on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?  Having both connection options allows you to use it around the house, say in the backyard, or on the go.  While it may have its quirks from time to time, I really like it overall.  Here are a couple of notes from my testing and use:

The Good:

  • Big sound from a medium-size- While it is bigger than a lot of its Bluetooth competitors, it has a much richer soundstage and more punch.  Good volume, clear highs, and solid lows for bass heads like me.
  • Compatible with both Alexa & Google Assistant- You heard me right, it will serve as an Amazon or Google smart speaker, just configure which service you want it connected to in the app.  I have 2… 1 for each 🙂
  • Self-tuning sound optimization-The speaker literally adapts the sound to the space it is in using its far-field mics and Sonos TruePlay tuning algorithm.  This makes a huge difference!  TURN IT ON!
  • Designed to be portable- With a rechargeable power source, Bluetooth option, and water-resistant design, take it where you want, and have fun.

The Not so Good:

  • Connectivity hick-ups- When moving it around, be prepped to re-add it to your Sonos system.  It seems to disconnect and need to be re-added from time to time.  But that could just be my mesh Wi-Fi.
  • Charging options are limited- While the included charging dock is great, and it accepts USB-C for charging on the go, you need a pretty decent USB-C charging brick to make that happen (like the Samsung 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger).  Sold separately of course.

Included below are a couple of links to where you can find it.⁠



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