Ditch the Headset! Wireless Speakerphone-Jabra Speak 710 UC

Hey guys… Time for a little more Tech Talk w/TK.  ⁠

Alright, with everything going on in the world, we are all spending more time on conference calls and video conferences these days.  While our phone and computer speakers and mics are good, to make sure you can hear & be heard, an external mic and speaker(s) are a good idea.  And, let’s face it, we all can only take so much time with earbuds and headsets on 😜 . 

That’s where one of these guys can come in handy. Wireless speakerphones.  While I have tried a couple, the one I use in my home office set up is the Jabra Wireless Speakerphone (Speak710 UC).  The Jabra brand is well known for its quality headsets that are used in call centers and office settings.  The Jabra wireless speakerphones are another business class computer/mobile accessory, that prioritize communication capability over entertainment.  This means that unlike your Bluetooth speaker you probably use to play music, that says it can make calls, this is intended to make calls first, and sure, it can play music as well.

After over 2 years of use, here are some of the things I found in my testing:

The Good:

  • Ability to connect to both computers and phones at the same time.  No need to switch headsets.  Now that’s pretty darn convenient!
  • Good clear sound and volume. Allows you to hear the other side with good volume.  Voices on the other end are very clear.
  • Good noise canceling for limiting background noise.  But remember, this is a speakerphone.  It won’t block your kids out if they are climbing your back during a call😜
  • Portable design. Just throw it in your bag and take it with you on the go.  Use it when plugged in, or as a stand-alone speakerphone on battery.
  • USB charging cable storage on the device.  The charging cable neatly wraps around the bottom of the device for storage. No more searching for a cable when you need it.
  • Beefier speaker & mic array.  While the 710’s little brother, the Jabra Speak 510, is very good, the 710 is a decent step up.  Jabra claims the 710 can handle up to 6 people on a call, helping to isolate their voices, versus the 1-4  on the Speak 510.  Not that you’ll be having 6 people in your home office, but it is nice to know it can 😊.
  • Multi-Button allows you to create a stereo pair.  Again, you likely won’t need to do this, but if you were looking for a pair of stereo speakers for your PC, the 710 supports linking multiple devices together.  Alternatively, link 2 together in a larger room to support up to 12 people on a call.

The Not So Good

  • Be careful what version you buy.  Jabra offers an MS version that is certified and made for Microsoft Skype for Business use.  This specific configuration can make it a little tricky when using other services as a result. I recommend the UC (Unified Communication) version if you plan on using it with other platforms like Teams, Zoom & Webex.
  •  Check & test your mic and speaker set up before using it on a conference call.  Having your mic and speaker coming from different sources can lead to feedback or echos.  I found this more common in the MS version I tested at work (Speak 510 MS).
  • Check your softphone system to see if it can be used on Bluetooth or USB.  Some, like Fuze, require(d) a USB connection to mics & headsets.  That is where the included Jabra Link 370 is great.  Makes a connection to PC via USB and device via Bluetooth.

In case you’re interested in a sample of performance, I have included 2 audio samples here.  They were taken in my home office set up using my iPhone 12 Pro and leaving a voicemail.  In each case, there is a louder portable heater fan running in the background.  What I notice when comparing the sound is that the Jabra sound is a bit crisper and less bass-heavy.  Both seem very clear to me, but you can judge for yourself.

Direct From iPhone 12 Pro Sample (ignore my commentary)
Jabra Speak 710 Connected to iPhone 12 Pro (again, ignore my comments)

Interested in purchasing one for your home office set up?  I have included a couple of links to where you can find it below. 


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