TALOYA 12″ Smart LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount

Hey guys… a little more Tech Talk w/TK. ⁠

Alright, here’s a little more home automation fun.  While it drives my wife nuts, I am an avid user of smart lights and smart bulbs.  All of my lights can be triggered by my voice.  When I went looking for a new LED fixture for my office, I was looking for something sleek, fully adjustable, and connected to my smart home eco-system.  I came across this one on Amazon (like most things these days), and I could not be happier.

Here are some quick notes on it.

The Good:

  • Easy to install- The mount and instructions were clear and straightforward.
  • Ties into voice assistant- Using SmartLife App, the device is easily is added to both Amazon & Google Voice Assistants.
  • Provides both good task and ambient lighting.

The not so good:

  • You may want a second set of hands if installing on the ceiling, or that could just be me 😎.
  • Depending on what you are looking for, unlike others, when selecting color it uses a separate set of LEDs to provide ambient vs direct light. Personally I kind of like it, but may not be good for everybody use.

Included below is a link to where you can find it.⁠


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