Ring Security-Looking For A DIY Home Security System? Ring Has You Covered.

Hey guys… Time for a little more Tech Talk w/TK.  ⁠

⁠Calling all you Ring fans out there! if you are addicted to IoT as much as I am, you probably have some Ring devices around the house.  Admittedly, I go a bit nuts, but I like to keep things in a consistent eco-system when possible.  That is why I love Ring. 

When you add the Ring Security hub to your set-up, you get a whole interface that allows you to control your door locks, video cameras, motion sensors, contact sensors, leak sensors, Smoke & CO sensors, lights & more.  Add a Ring Protect Plan to your account for just $10/month, and you get monitored security service, extended warranties, and discounts on Ring products.  Ring allows you not just to keep an eye out for porch pirates, but to protect your home and automate your home as well.  All and all, a pretty cool solution that you can install and manage yourself.

After using the system for a year or two, here are my findings:

The Good:

  • Everything all in one place.  Cameras, door locks, sensors, lights & more.  All controlled in one app and fully connected.  Simply put…. Awesome.
  • Control who’s coming & going.  More than just locking and unlocking your door on-demand, using the Ring app and smart door locks, you can assign codes to grant folks access when needed.  And since the codes are specific to the person, you can see who came and when.  Great for kids, neighbors & contractors.
  • Added peace of mind.  With the Ring Protect option added, you get monitored service, extended warranties, and product discounts.  All good stuff.
  • Insurance discounts.  With a monitored system, you are eligible for discounts on Home Owners insurance.  While not huge, every little bit helps.
  • Integration with Alexa.  With Ring now part of the Amazon family, products tie in well with Alexa.  Great to help you arm and disarm your system in a pinch, or see who’s coming on your Echo Show devices.

The Not So Good:

  • Careful with your sensor placement.  With monitored service, you need to be mindful of where you place smoke alarms and when you arm the system.  Take it from me, having the fire department show up due to a smokey kitchen or the police due to a test, can be fun.  Yeah, they’ll call first, but sometimes they just have to come 😎.

Sound like good stuff? If yes, included below are some links as to where you can find Ring Security devices to get started.



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