Anker Nano 20W Charger

Alright guys, time for a little Tech Talk w/TK!

Introducing the Anker Nano 20w Charger (the guy in the middle). This guy is great! Here are some Pro’s and Con’s for you:


– Convenient footprint- Smaller than Samsung and same size as Apple. More powerful than both!

-20w Fast Charging- Great for iPhone 12 users who have been dying for it.


-USB C output- Yes, you will need a new cable.

Overall, I love it and think you will to. Grab yours at the link below.



UV Freshr Mini

Hey guys… a little more Tech Talk w/TK. ⁠

Looking for a way to keep your workspace clean? This little guy is a clever way to go. Unlike other wands and bags, this little UV C Light Disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs by delivering a lethal UVC dose per exposure from up to 1 ft. away. This will kill common bacteria and viruses on surfaces like your keyboard and mouse, or anything else you would like to keep clean, but not unplug. Just set it and walk away, it does the rest. ⁠

Pretty cool stuff in today’s world 😎.⁠

Included below are a couple of links to where you can find it.⁠


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